The charming story of a family who discovers10 STRAY CATS living in the backyard of their new home!

They're all adorable and so unique. They decide they must have them all neutered so that they don't create hundreds more homeless cats. It's the right thing to do!
Then the children give each & every cat a name and 
happiness abounds until THE BULLY CAT arrives!

The family knows in an instant that this cat is trouble.  He scares all the other cats away and steals their food.  The family is upset and worried that THE BULLY CAT will hurt their new pets.
They realize THE BULLY CAT must be sent away to live alone in a barn so he cannot hurt or frighten good cats anymore. 

Nadia Sahari was born in Lebanon and grew up in Dearborn Heights, MI, in a strict household. As an entrepreneur, she has owned and operated a jewelry store, three fashion boutiques, a cell phone/pager store and a vitamin company with 33 employees. She has performed and taught belly dancing to over 2000 women and teens. 

After studying acting in Nevada, California and Texas, she became a professional actress, appearing in several episodes of Friday Night Lights and feature film Corruption.Gov (with Michael Madsen and Lee Majors). Sahari loves music videos. Her latest video is with her as star along with lead star and singer David Shales, written by Annette Tucker, and directed by Ron Cobert, "Who Put The Merry." Her role in the movie Bandslam (with Lisa Kudrow and David Bowie, which went into national theatrical release and Netflix in August) earned her a SAG/AFTRA membership. 

Sahari was invited to be a panelist on Oprah and has been cover girl and featured in a cover story in County Woman magazine, Latin Connection, and Platform magazine. She is an activist for the rights of women and children, and supports organizations that help victims of abuse. Sahari also supports the rights and protection of all animals. She is now working on films and as a producer, Sahari is writing and filming her TV series Lust'N'Love with special star Rick Mora from TWILIGHT. Sahari is also working on a new script which will be revealed in the near future. Sahari also wrote her autobiography, Breakaway: The Road to Freedom.
​Lovely Message!
By Allison Elizabeth
The Bully Cat is a wonderful Children's book. I absolutely love the illustration! One thing I especially liked is that the message was not just to be good to other people, but also good to animals as well. This book will certainly leave a smile on your face.

A Wonderful Teaching Book for Kids!
by Denise Cassino
What a wonderful thing to teach children before they are faced with a bully just how to handle it and what love means. This book is about a family that discovers a family of cats living in the backyard of their new home. They all love the cats and give each one a special name. The kids loving feeding them, but one day, a bully appears and scares all the beloved cats away until the family takes charge and happiness reigns. This is a great book that kids will love - don't they all love cats?

By Anna Maria Prezio 
I bought this book for my granddaughter and we have had such fun learning the names of all the cats that inhabit this story. They're all different colors and my granddaughter has a ball picking each one out. She also understands about being nice to people and animals so even at her young age, this book does it work. Beautifully illustrated and bright and colorful, this is a great book for any child up till even 7 or 8. We loved it!

What a beautiful book!
by Robin C.
I've seen many children's books, but this one is unique in that the illustrations are so vivid in color and more realistic than most I've seen. The story revolves around a family moving into a new house where a batch of stray cats has been living in the back yard. The family adopts and feeds the fuzzy critters until they observe a big, bad bully cat entering the yard to intimidate and rob the cats of their food. The family takes over and scares the bully away to restore harmony. It is a wonderful book about bullies and being bullied that all parents should teach their children.

Cats! Cats! Cats!
By Looking for Truth
In this charming story by Nadia Sahari, a victim if childhood bullying herself, she tells a tale (tail?) of 10 cats who live peaceably together until the biggest cat of all appears and proceeds to run them all off to devour their food. The family observes this and through a wonderfully taught lesson for children, restores order and run the bully off. This is a great way to teach younger children what to do about bullying and why it is unacceptable behavior - I loved it and so did my grandkids!

Loved it!
by Sarena
This book should be read by all parents and kids at an early age so they can understand the repercussions of bullying and being bullied. With the world they way it is today, we must all educate and guard against this terrible behavior. So many children can benefit from this adorable story, beautifully illustrated and filled with something all kids love - cats! Great book!

Wonderful Book for Parents & Kids
By Denise Cassino 
In this charming and beautifully illustrated children's book, Nadia Sahari, a victim of bullying herself as a child, uses a backyard full of stray cats to tell the story of bullying, why it hurts and how to stop it when it starts. The book use a family's awareness and actions to solve the problem. This is a must read for kids 4-6 who are often victimized for the first time at that age. Wonderful! I also read Sahari's personal memoir: Breakaway: How I Survived Abuse
There's a lot of bullying out there these days and kids need to know how to recognize it and what to do about it. Ms. Sahari gives parents and teachers a perfect format to teach kids about bullying in this wonderful book. Use it to help children understand one of the most important issues in their young lives.